How to Register a death

Getting a medical certificate

This will be provided by the GP or hospital doctor that certifies the death.

Registering a death

All deaths must be registered by law, this can be done once you have a medical certificate.

Deaths must be registered within five days unless the death is reported to the coroner.

We advise you to register the death in the borough in which it occurred so you receive a death certificate straight away. This will help you to avoid delays and begin making funeral arrangements.

Notice of changes to fees
The cost is £11 per certificate and is set by Government.
In addition, any urgent application for a certificate requested within 24 hours will incur a priority charge resulting in the total fee per certificate for same day service of £35.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment online

You will need to bring the medical certificate, signed by the doctor who certified the death.

For a list of other documentation that may be helpful see the list on the website:

Cancel an appointment

To cancel appointments made by phone or in person please contact the register office:

You can cancel appointments made using the online appointments system using the “Cancel an appointment made online” from.

You will need the appointment reference.

Cancel an appointment made online


Tell Us Once

Use Tell Us Once to report a death to most government organisations in one go.